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Joe Dillenburg, one of our licensed home inspectors


Joe Dillenburg — Licensed Home Inspector

Joe Dillenburg is the owner and inspector of Wolf River Home Inspection. Joe will be the first to tell you that you don’t have to be expert about home construction to be able to make an informed purchase—in fact, you can do so with no experience at all. That’s what a home inspection is designed to do, providing the knowledge you need in an accessible way so that you’re more than capable of making a secure, confident, and ultimately successful investment.

Even if you do have plenty of experience in construction or related fields, another set of eyes is always an asset, and brushing up on your knowledge through a home inspector’s unique perspective can make a world of difference.

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International Association of Certified Home Inspectors InterNACHI logo and Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors Logo
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A Home Inspector With the Professional Background to Do the Job Right

Before becoming a home inspection specialist, Joe was a helicopter mechanic and flight engineer with the U.S. Army. This type of work required Joe to be extremely detail-oriented, and others put their trust in his practical problem-solving ability to help ensure that flights could be carried out safely. Joe also has experience in building and industrial maintenance, as well as safety inspections for his work both in and out of the military.

Being able to incorporate his existing knowledge and investigative skill set into his work as a home inspector is a dream come true, and Joe is endlessly excited to be able to help local home-buyers protect their investment with a smile on their face.

Buy With a Better Frame of Mind

Knowledge Is Safety

Helping you learn all about your future home is what we love to do, and we can’t wait to familiarize you with the property’s structural backbone, envelope materials, and the various mechanical systems that all converge to create a safe and livable space

Informed Decisions

The goal is to help you be able to buy with a better frame of mind, easing your worries by building up your knowledge so that you’re able to make informed decisions throughout final negotiations

Call Us Anytime

Unanswered questions are the source of so much stress, and we’re determined to make sure that you have all of the answers you need before a home is transferred over to your name—if you have any questions at all after an inspection, please give us a call!

When he’s not inspecting homes, Joe can most often be found enjoying quality time with his family. Some of Joe’s hobbies include home improvement, building model trains, and electronics—and he loves to take on building projects for his children whenever the opportunity arises. Joe is a military veteran, and he volunteers time to the VFW and his local church.

Request Your Inspection

At Wolf River Home Inspection, our investigative home inspections help to take the strong and often disruptive emotions out of the equation when buying a home, providing clarity about what to expect so that a practical approach can be taken to secure a home that’s worth it in every possible way. Contact us today to request an inspection.

As a thank you for your selfless service to our country, we offer discounts to active-duty military and veterans. Home inspection pricing starts at just $350.

To help you feel more at ease with the home inspection process, we are enrolled in Errors & Omissions/General Liability insurance.